The Hero Empathy Bystander Programme for boys

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Programme Overview

The Hero Empathy Bystander Programme for boys is a behaviour-focused interactive programme. It is specifically designed to encourage boys to play a part in ending violence against women by breaking down gender-stereotypes, understanding their own masculinity and building feelings of empathy towards women and girls. The longer-term aim is to prevent abusive or violent behaviour towards women and girls.


  • In long term, to prevent abusive and violent behaviour against women and girls.
  • Break down gender stereotypes and develop a belief in gender equality.
  • Build empathetic attitudes and behaviours towards women and girls.
  • Experience what a day in the life of a women or girl feels like.
  • To create a safe, fun and positive environment where everyone feels valued and welcome and where the boy’s voices are heard.
  • Provide positive role models through both male and female trainers.
  • Give young boys a forum to talk safely about their emotions and feelings.
  • Give young boys a forum to talk safely about sexual violence against young boys and men.


By the end of the workshop, boys will be able to:


  • Girls/women and boys/girls are equal
  • That girls and women are also heroes and positive role models for them as boys
  • All forms of abuse including sexual violence against women and children is unacceptable
  • That abuse and sexual violence also affects boys
  • That boys and men can show other emotions than just anger
  • They can play a role in ending violence towards women and children


  • Empathy towards women and girls
  • Empowered - they feel empowered, they know where to seek help and that they behave in an empowered way,
  • That boys are active bystanders and part of the solution to end violence against women and girls
  • Safe and heard should they wish to disclose


  • Behave in a respectful, empathetic way towards women and girls
  • Express a range of emotions in a positive healthy way
  • Communicate in a positive and healthy way

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