The Empowerment through Self-Defence Programme for girls

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Programme Overview

The Empowerment through Self-Defence Programme for girls is a skills-based, interactive programme, which educates participants about gender-based violence. Using empowerment as a tool, it equips them to set boundaries and have the confidence and self-love to stick to them, better equipped to recognise indications of potentially dangerous behaviours by perpetrators and encourages them to own their space and bodies with confidence.


  • In long term, to prevent abusive and violent behaviour against women and girls.
  • Break down the myths of what self-defence is and who are the perpetrators.
  • Break down gender stereotypes and develop a belief in gender equality.
  • Build empowerment, healthy self-esteem and develop the confidence to act on these.
  • Raise awareness of what a ‘healthy’ relationship looks like and what consent means.
  • Give young girls a forum to talk safely about sexual violence against women and girls.
  • Provide a fun and aspirational learning environment for girls.
  • Provide positive role models through both male & female facilitators.


By the end of the workshop, girls will be able to


  • Understand that martial arts are not self-defence.
  • Self-protection is not just about physical skills but a belief that you have the right to stand up for yourself.
  • Believe that girls can achieve or do anything that boys can do.
  • Understand that violence/abuse is never their fault or ok.
  • All sexual violence against women and children is unacceptable.


  • Confident and empowered to disclose violence/abuse and seek help.
  • Enhance self-esteem and act on the feeling of empowerment.
  • Safe and heard should they want to disclose.


  • Set boundaries that only you have the power to change.
  • Recognize the different forms of violence and abuse against women/girls.
  • Recognise the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship.
  • Own your body and recognise the power within it through physical self-defence.
  • Disclose violence/abuse and seek help.
  • Be an ‘active bystander’ which could include helping peers seek support if they. have been victims of violence/abuse and setting up an activist group at your school.

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